Reception, check-in, check-out, payment and deposit management, … The booking management process can be quite complex. Therefore, if you have a holiday rental property or you are planning to start in this sector, it is interesting that you know the steps that we follow from HomeForGuest to successfully execute the administration of the reservations of your accommodation.

First of all, what is managing a reservation?

When you have a tourist accommodation one of your main objectives is to obtain guests willing to stay in your property and that their experience is satisfactory. The management of your bookings is the key to successfully achieve this goal. It is a process that starts from the moment the client requests a room in your accommodation until the end of their stay. If the management and acceptance procedure is properly resolved, it will allow the owner of the tourist accommodation to optimise their advertisement and appear in the first search results. Consequently, you will increase your income. Every experience counts.

But, how do we manage your accommodation bookings in an easy and comfortable way?

Web platforms are the best tools to be able to organise and manage property rental bookings. At HomeForGuest we work with our own Property Management System (PMS). This allows you to create calendars to determine guest stays and visually establish the availability of your property. It also automates and simplifies the process of cancelling or modifying bookings. All this optimises the management task and facilitates the process for customers.

It is important to know that the booking website must always be updated. Both to make it easier for your clients to know the availability of the property, as well as to study the demand for your accommodation and thus establish the price that best suits the circumstances and seasons. This is how we carry out our revenue strategy. This method is key for us to get the best possible profitability from your accommodation.

On the other hand, our software will allow us to offer your guests the best information about your tourist accommodation, for example: security measures, address, availability, offers, services included, reviews… As well as, information of interest for the owner such as: payment control, invoice register, reports, etcetera. All this data will be very useful to analyse our market and improve long-term performance.

Holiday rental revenues are increasing due to the higher quality of services in the tourism sector. Therefore, following these tips and managing your bookings properly reflects positively on the profits and success of your market.

As you can see, managing a holiday home is not an easy task. It requires good planning, an understanding of business, hospitality and tourism, prices, knowledge of market supply and demand… Not forgetting languages. When it comes to holiday rentals it is essential to be able to speak foreign languages in order to communicate with your clients and be able to offer them a personalised quality service. The success of your business is directly proportional to the level of satisfaction of your guests with your service.

At HomeForGuest we are specialists in the management of holiday homes and we are ready to solve all your doubts with a personalised attention and with the rate that best suits your needs. If you need guidance to manage your property, do not hesitate to contact us.